Posted on: December 1, 2009 6:08 pm

hello again in computer land

it has been a long time since i tried to blog for you, ive been busy at my life lately.  so what is on my mind i know you are asking me right now.  well it is the usual tony romo and the eers.  the cowboys are winning games and will go to the playoffs again probably.  it been a season of making the touchdowns and winning games! and now the eers.  they are good again this year, i haven't watched them play yet and I don't know who is on the team but they should win the ncaa trophy this year.  i remember when they had kevin pittsnoggle and he was making baskets, now someone else is making baskets but hopefully they are just as good as kevin pittsnoggle.

so until next time america- that's what maury povich is always saying!
Posted on: March 25, 2008 2:32 pm

the eers are winning in the brackets and they are

if you didn't notice the wvu basketball team is now into the third round.  they beat the team duke who is always a good team and they have a well known coach.  bob huggins wanted to win the game so he taught the players to score the points.  now the have joe alexander making dunk shots all over the court so that bob huggins has a chance to win the trophy to put into his office.  however san diego lost and i was cheering for them.  tony romo may come and watch one of these games.  is saw him with jessica simpson  on television.
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Posted on: March 12, 2008 2:36 pm

another blog that i'm writing for all the people

yesterday i woke up in the morning and then i watched maury povich.  he is always on the stage helping people and saving their lives.  yesterday he was helping people find out who was the father of their babies.  Some of them didn't find out because there was no matches.  if i ever save enough money to travel to new york i would like to see the maury povich show. 

the next thing that i did was make some food to eat.  most days i like to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches but yesterday i experimented and i made a pork chop.  they told me how to do that on the food network.  i think that i will try to make some other things sometime too.

i forgot to tell you that i also made some posts on the ncaa board.  i have some friends on that board and we talk basketball all the time.  right now is a very exciting time of the year for basketball if you don't already know.  they are getting ready for the big end of the year tournament and there will be only one winner in the end.  it is different than it is in college football.

im still trying to get some of my friends from around here to become members of cbssportsline so they can talk about sports too. most of them do not have their own computers right now though.


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Posted on: March 7, 2008 6:53 pm

you people don't like bob huggins and i can tell

i give my opinion about the eers and all i get is complaints about bob huggins.  right now he is teaching the players on the team to win the games.  wvu is going to the tournament this year and all the people told me that they were not going to the tournament.  if you watch the team play they are good.  they are making the baskets, and passing the ball on offense and they are making steals on defense.  you people should watch out for the eers in the tournament because they could suprise everyone in the world and win the trophy.  much of this is because bob huggins came to the school and he loves to coach basketball. 

and i told all you people that i don't work at the orange julius in the mall.  i don't want to tell you where i work because that would be giving out too much information about my self over the internet. my friends told me that people try to steal your identity all the time.  i just want to make the posts about the teams that i like to cheer for. 

pretty soon i will be writing essays for cbs and hopefully i will be winning the tournament too.  then all you people will see how much i like the eers and what a great coach bob huggins is.

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Posted on: March 7, 2008 1:58 pm

what the heck is this thing

this thing is making me mad because i don't know how to use it. 

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Posted on: March 7, 2008 1:55 pm

hello people

im trying to do this so let me know how it works.  should i respond to the people or do i just talk about something?  where does this show up for the people to see what im typing about?
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