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hello again in computer land

Posted on: December 1, 2009 6:08 pm
it has been a long time since i tried to blog for you, ive been busy at my life lately.  so what is on my mind i know you are asking me right now.  well it is the usual tony romo and the eers.  the cowboys are winning games and will go to the playoffs again probably.  it been a season of making the touchdowns and winning games! and now the eers.  they are good again this year, i haven't watched them play yet and I don't know who is on the team but they should win the ncaa trophy this year.  i remember when they had kevin pittsnoggle and he was making baskets, now someone else is making baskets but hopefully they are just as good as kevin pittsnoggle.

so until next time america- that's what maury povich is always saying!
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